How to Organize a Wedding Photo Session: Tips for Picture-Perfect Moments

A wedding is something we remember forever, but the wedding, in terms of planning and organizing, can also be a nightmare. That is why setting much time aside so that everything on this special day is to your liking is a must. Of course, one can always go with a wedding planner to whom they simply present their ideas, and they will take care of the rest. On the other hand, since it is such a memorable occasion when it comes to certain specifics, we want the best, especially when it is about photography, and these tips should be of much help with that.

Create a list


There isn’t much we wouldn’t want regarding capturing the moment when it comes to one of the most important days in our lives. The goal is to create photos that will last forever but, above all, to capture the right moment so that even after a decade or so, once we take a look at the photographs, we will precisely know what happened in that moment. Now, one of the biggest mistakes people make is having a huge desire to capture as much as possible regarding the ambiance, especially in cases when there are certain wedding customs. The reason this can be a mistake is simply because this usually leads to having so many photos that cannot be arranged in the right order. The more, the merrier is not a saying that applies here.

One way to avoid this but still get a perfect and spontaneous photo is by selecting an ideal location for photo shooting. Yes, having a group photo with all the family members and the one with your closest friends is a must, but there are also other things. Namely, giving the freedom to the photographer so that they can capture the moment they believe will be the most memorable is always a good idea. Yes, these so-called ‘must have’ photos mentioned above will be in your album, but always make sure to give the professionals the freedom to capture every moment they believe is perfect.

Choosing the right photographer


Everything gets much easier when you go with someone who knows what they are doing. It means that if the professional has “that something” regarding how, when, and where to take some photos, you will not have anything to worry about. That is why going with the right professional is the key. Namely, when we start searching for the best person for this job, the key is to set aside some time to really find experts in this field. Luckily, there are so many agencies, businesses, and solo entrepreneurs with vast experience in this field, and some have even specialized in taking artistic photos on special occasions.

On the other hand, just because someone is an expert, has vast experience, and has a great list of satisfied customers doesn’t mean they are the best fit. This is one of the biggest days in our lives, meaning that we want someone who will understand our needs and will be open to ideas. Yes, it often happens that photographers are strict and have their own ideas, leaving not that much room for advice and suggestions. So, if this is something you want to avoid, it’s best to go with a renowned person like, who has plenty of positive reviews, especially regarding cooperation and being open to other people’s ideas.

Don’t forget the lighting


This is something that can simply ruin even the best possible location to take a photo, as lighting is everything. Of course, this is something experts in this field are well aware of, but also something you should think about in advance. Natural light is always the best,s regardless of how much the tech has advanced, it still cannot replace that picturesque sight natural light can create. On the other hand, it’s much more challenging to work with natural light. Perfect timing is everything, and photographers know this, which is why they tend to arrange everything so that the main event for photo shooting occurs during the ‘golden hour.’ Namely, sunrise and just before sunset are the best times for photography, as this is when the natural lighting is something photographers can work with and simply let their creativity and imagination run wild.

Since working with natural lighting is limited by time, you would also want to think of the best indoor lighting. Understandably, if the ceremony and everything else happens outdoors, this gets easier, but in most cases, it’s about indoor venues. That means there are other aspects to consider, like picking the best lighting so that it will fit ideally with the mood of the event. That is why those who are not that familiar with how to pick the best lighting for their indoor venue should always consult the photographer. By doing so, you can tell your thoughts and wishes, and photographers will provide advice on how to make the most out of it all.

The location also plays a huge role

It’s always good to take photos in some special and picturesque location besides capturing all the important moments. This is important because with the experienced professional, great natural lighting, and scenic location, the photos simply cannot be anything else but perfect. That is why more and more couples seek some iconic location for their wedding or at least for taking a few photos with each other and those they care most about. Now, to make the choice easier, it’s good to consult the experts upfront so that you know precisely what to expect and what to look for. Also, by expressing ideas, photographers might also give a recommendation regarding which location will be the best fit. Another way to make the choice easier is by carefully considering your personal style but also the overall theme of the wedding. This can be of much help because this location should be of great importance for you as a couple. Every location has something special to offer, and going with the one that suits your personal preferences and wishes the most is the best way to go, but this is also something one cannot do without setting some time aside and doing a bit of research.